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Eating Disorders and Overweight

• Bulimia
• Anorexia
• Binge eating
• Yo-yo Dieting
• Over-eating
• Vomiting/Laxatives
• Over-exercise
• Weight Obsession/poor body image

We can all use eating as an immediate source of comfort, but when we regularly rely on food to be a coping mechanism, it can lead to weight gain and all kinds of other problems.

We use food to help us feel in control of life, to avoid painful feelings like sadness, loneliness and anger. We use it to help us cope, but then that way of coping becomes a problem because we gain weight. This leads to dieting, exercise and sometimes more drastic measures like vomiting. This makes things more complicated and starts to feel like being stuck in a trap with no way out. Apart from feeling horrible, this can start to affect our health, relationships, work and social life. What starts out as a way of helping becomes an even bigger problem.

What are the benefits of this therapy?
• Understand the root causes of your eating issues
• Examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours
that maintain the cycle
• Gain self-understanding and insight, including
identifying triggers
• Improve your eating habits, self image and
psychological strength
• Develop tailor made coping strategies to replace
compensatory behaviours such as vomiting, laxatives
and over exercise
• Feel better about yourself

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lead by Liz Shelley
Sunday 14th November
At Hamblin Hall, Bosham House
£45 per person
£30 students, OAP's & unemployed




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