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Counselling and Psychotherapy

A safe, open and trusting relationship is vitally important to the success of the therapy. What you bring is a desire to understand and a willingness to change and what I can offer are presence, clear attention, genuineness and empathy. I believe these personal qualities are as important as my qualifications and experience. When a safe space is created, new insights, understandings and change happens spontaneously.

All the counselling and psychotherapy trainings I have had are Humanistic and come from a Person-Centred theoretical base.

'Humanistic Psychology believes that we all have a
unique potential for creativity, wisdom, goodness and individuality. We start to unlock our uniqueness when
we are willing to explore our mind, emotions, body and spirit. Then the possibility to achieve our full potential starts to be realised.'

Q: What's the difference between Counselling
and Psychotherapy?
A: There's a lot of similarity. Both can be enriching and help you to deal with your problems in a more effective way. Counselling often focuses on a specific problem, whereas psychotherapy tends to deal with more deep-seated issues often arising from your past. Many people who seek psychotherapy are not in a crisis, but are interested in finding out about themselves, improving relationships and living a more rewarding life.

My qualifications
My background and trainings embrace counselling, psychotherapy and nutrition. I am an accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners) and Member of the UK Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP). I am a certified Hakomi therapist and I have diplomas in Professional Studies (Counselling), Humanistic Psychology and Supervision. I have a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition and I am a member of the Eating Disorders Association.
I have regular supervision for my client work.

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lead by Liz Shelley
Sunday 14th November
At Hamblin Hall, Bosham House
£45 per person
£30 students, OAP's & unemployed




'Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.'



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